The Project

The Project: American solutions, done right

The Carolina Lithium Project will be a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible business that is poised to reinvent the conventional lithium supply chain with made-in-America solutions.

We plan to produce 248,000 metric tons of spodumene per year, which will be converted into 30,000 metric tons of high-quality, battery-grade lithium that is essential to the electric vehicle and battery storage markets in the United States. The investment will be over $680 million*.


That’s what we plan to do. But how we will do it is what sets this project apart from every other producer in the world.

The Carolina Lithium Project will utilize the most sustainable and modern mining processes available today:

  • Reducing the supply chain distance from on-site quarries to EV manufacturers
  • Using solar energy to power most operations
  • Minimizing emissions, dust, and waste
  • Cutting carbon dioxide emissions and reagent consumption with state-of-the-art process controls
  • Protecting water through practices and procedures aimed at preserving its existing composition and releasing no wastewater into streams, lakes, and creeks
  • Minimizing the land footprint, with mining operations taking up less than 16 percent of the site

*$687,844,432 The estimated total output impact in 2027 including direct, indirect (supplier chain) and induced