Energizing America — and Gaston County, North Carolina

At Piedmont Lithium, we want to provide a made-in-the-USA solution to a challenge facing America today: How to access the lithium needed to support products ranging from electric vehicles to cell phones. By developing this vital mineral through a sustainable process, we’ll be helping to do more than just pave the way to a cleaner energy future. We’ll also be doing our part to energize Gaston County’s economy.

Our operation will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, generate millions in local tax revenues, support area small businesses, and potentially turn the region into a hub for the booming lithium battery industry. Overall, the estimated impact will be $3.9 Billion**, and make lives better, bring more investment to the area, and improve opportunities across the community.

*Cumulative Output Impact 2022 through 2027
**Cumulative Output Impact 2022 to 2027


Direct Employment


Total Employment Impact


Average Compensation Per Employment


Total Labor Compensation

*Total labor impact 2022 - 2027

A Powerful Purpose.

Not everyone is lucky enough to work for a company in an industry that literally has the potential to change the world, we believe, for the better. All of us at Piedmont Lithium recognize our good fortune and it’s not something we take lightly. We have a responsibility to be respectful stewards of our planet, our people, our environment, and our community. And, we believe if we can be successful on each of these four fronts, we can return value to all our stakeholders and bring new energy to life.

Keith Phillips

Chief Executive Officer


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