Economic Impact

More jobs, more funds for the county, more services for the community

The Carolina Lithium Project has the potential to reshape Gaston County’s economic future. It will create jobs and spur capital investment that will strengthen law enforcement, support education, deliver greater fire protection, enhance health care, and enable local leaders to deliver more needed services.

Just look at the employment estimates alone. The project will create up to 428 permanent jobs, with average salaries and benefits over $82,000 annually. On top of that, there will be additional jobs each year in construction and among suppliers, to say nothing of the jobs that will be supported and created in small businesses throughout the area that provide services for the project.

Then there’s the economic impact.

Total capital investment is expected to be roughly $840 million, and the project could bring the entire lithium-ion battery industry – from suppliers to manufacturers – to Gaston County, creating a new hub for clean American energy.

That translates to a lot of taxes – funds that will help the county to more than meet its priorities by assuring there’s more money for schools, public safety, libraries, senior citizen programs, parks and recreation, waste disposal, and emergency services.



Annual Salaries and Benefits



$1 Million

A New Hub
For Clean

American Energy